Grammarly for Programmers

CodeMate is an AI based Smart Programming Assistant which helps you write code faster and better.


Main Features Of CodeMate

Programming score

CodeMate analyzes your code and gives you a score based on the quality of code written

Realtime syntax error detection

Get the syntax related issues fixed on the go as you type!

Generate missing code

CodeMate will generate any missing snippets in your code based on your approach

Fix issues

Get help in fixing the errors of your code as well. Focus on problem solving and leave the debugging for CodeMate!

Optimise code

CodeMate removes any redundant code written and refactor it to make it more optimised.

Code Review

Now get detailed code review like naming guidelines from your AI Assistant CodeMate


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About Us

Brilliant Tool to Build Nextgen Softwares Faster.

We want to make the coding journey fun and super-easy so people can focus on building what matters. That's why we created CodeMate.

CodeMate works like magic and translates simple English to actual code. No tutorials required, the only thing you need is an idea! From a person who has never written a line of code to the pro coders. CodeMate helps everyone to turn their ideas into code and make coding fun

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